February 7, 2013

Itty-Bitty Powder Room

We have a very small half bath that was as plain as you could imagine. It's so small that it actually fits under the stairs. Combine the tiny space with off-white walls, builder grade mirror, ugly faucet, etc. and you have one boring room.  And that was the bathroom that our guests most frequently use. I had been itching to fix it up somehow, but had a hard time imagining what could be done with such a small space.  After my son was born, I thought it was time to fix it up...finally.

We saved some money by using leftover paint from the living room. 
Since it's such a tiny space, I only needed a half gallon. 
We replaced the ugly faucet with this affordable, contemporary version.
I am a fan of feature walls. I left one of the walls the original color and added a fabulous decal from my favorite decal company. See a close-up below: 

 I would definitely recommend doing business with this company. 
They were able to adjust the size and color for me with no hassle. 

 The ceiling in this room looks good with contrasting colors.

For storage, I added this wicker magazine rack. One side holds magazines, the other holds extra supplies. Nothing is worse than going to someone else's house and running out of T.P., so I always have plenty.

  I got rid of the builder grade, non-framed mirror that was here before and replaced it with this one that I found on Craigslist for $25. It was gold when I got it, but a quick spray paint job fixed that.
And to make it even sweeter, I sold my builder grade mirror on Craigslist for $15! 

I love the detail on this mirror!

When looking for used items for your home, especially frames, pay attention to the shape more than the color. The color is easy to change, but great detail will cost you more if you buy new. 

If you spray paint a mirror, have a razor blade handy to scrape any extra paint off the mirror surface. Make sure you keep the blade flat so you don't scratch the glass. 

I found the shelf at my local home improvement store for $16.
 It works well for a little bit of storage and some decorative touches. 
Very easy to install: just need a drill, a level and about 10 minutes.
And one little change that has nothing to do with decor, but everything to do with function- we added a slow close seat to the toilet. No more banging. Yes!

So that's a very inexpensive way to refresh a tiny bathroom.
 It's simple.
 It's clean.
 It's neutral. 
It serves it's purpose without being too boring. 
And we like it. :-) 


  1. This is so lovely! Just one more display of your hospitable nature . . . even the bathroom experience at your house is restful and welcoming! :)


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