February 12, 2013

Daddy's Advice

When we became parents, we had to learn everything about baby products on our own.  My husband, a proud new daddy, has some suggestions for anyone about to become parents.

So here you go...

  • Zippers are easier than snaps. Look for that when buying baby pajamas. Daddy will appreciate it when he's changing a diaper half asleep. 

  • Diaper pail refills are overrated. Just tie a regular trash bag in there and save $20 a month. 
  • For teething babies, these things are fantastic! Just cut a slice of fruit (we like apples) and pop it in there. It will buy you 10-15 minutes of peace. 

  • And I quote, "if you have a boy, lay a clean diaper over the cannon in case it's ready to fire".  

  • When your baby is fussy while eating, find a sound that makes him/her laugh. It will be your secret weapon when finishing those last couple of bites in peace. (This dad's distraction technique sounds just like this guy. It's adorable.)

Mommy's favorite distraction can be found here.

Short and sweet advice from Daddy
The End.

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