February 16, 2013

Nautical Living Room

This room was a challenge.  Not only was the budget was small, but there were several things I could not change so I could not take the makeover to the level that I had hoped. However, I was able to make some  improvements with very little money, under $200.  The couple did not want to have anything of much value in this place, being that it's a rarely used beach getaway and could easily be destroyed if hit by a large enough storm...

This room was so hard because the furniture had to stay where it was. There was just not enough room in the space to change the arrangement. Trust me, we tried.  But I did the best I could to make the space more inviting.


I was not allowed to change:
  • The paint color. If I had my way, I would have painted the walls a light sandy color to make it feel more cozy.
  • The furniture. I wish I could have found a small bookshelf instead of that little white table and a smaller couch than that futon, which was too large for the space. Also, if my budget was just a little larger, I would have put a navy blue slipcover on that futon.
  • The flooring. I would have loved to see a seagrass rug over some simple bamboo or hardwood-looking vinyl floors. 

I was able to change these things:
  • Added a new light fixture by the window. 
  • Slipcovered the love seat- such an inexpensive way to cover dated upholstery.
  • Got rid of the ugly wooden cornices and added nautical colored curtains. You can make windows seem larger by hanging the curtains as high as possible and wider than the window frame. With low ceilings, I needed to create the illusion of as much height as possible.
  • Re-purposed art and collectibles that were already there, but put them in better spots. I also added some new decorative touches, such as the wicker ship's wheel, shelf, and the monogram on canvas.
  • New throw pillows add to the nautical theme.
  • Moving the small table to the side gives the illusion of more space.
  • I reused the netting above the window on the left. After we hung the curtains, the bare white wall needed something. This netting does the trick and allows a nice spot to display the starfish and shells.

It is possible to fix up a room with a very small amount of money.
You just have to prioritize which things are most important to change.
Look for solutions that don't cost much, like light fixtures and new pillows.
Compare prices of items online- but measure twice before you buy.

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