January 28, 2013

Nursery Tour

I had an absolute blast decorating our baby boy's nursery. My husband gave me a challenge with the budget, but it actually turned out to be fun to decide when to splurge and find a great bargain. I'm so happy with how it all came together.  

I chose a vintage vehicles theme.

  • We found the pedal car for a steal at my favorite store, Tuesday Morning. These usually retail for around $400, but we got this for less than half that cost! It's got a leather seat and removable ladders. So cute. 
  • The airplane mobile was a splurge from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. Oh, how I love that store.
  • The lamp got a spray paint makeover and a new shade. I looked at some new floor lamps from some baby furniture stores, but with an average cost of over $100, this remnant from my husband's bachelor days was a great bargain (spray paint was $3). 
  • And my absolute favorite...the rocking chair...was a splurge. I worked for two months on a research project with a local university for bit of extra pay and spent it on the rocker of my dreams. It's a Storytime Series swivel rocker/recliner that we got from a local boutique. 

This is my favorite spot in the nursery...
  • The bookshelf was a splurge from Target, but the legs and cottage style went so perfectly with the crib. I had to have it. 
  • The adorable baskets came from Michael's and they were a bargain for a mere $16! Try comparing that price to Pottery Barn Kids...
  • The vintage model car and gas pump were gifts from Grandma.
  • The lamp was given to me while I was in college, a total bargain at $0. 
  • The alarm clock is so handy, since the nursery is also our guest room (and I like to keep track of the time for those middle-of-the-night feedings). 
  • I found the tin sign on Amazon, a very cost-effective alternative to buying framed art. There are hundreds of designs for tin signs of vintage vehicles, and we got several for this room. 

  • Those vintage readers are from just after WWII. My mom bought them for me as a kid at a library closing in England. I have loved them for so long. They even have the original library cards inside dating from 1949. 
  • The teddy bear was an online bargain from The Land of Nod, on clearance. 
  • We printed some of the 3D ultrasound pictures to fill picture frames until we could get some baby photos. I love it!

The crib...
  • The crib was another bargain, on sale at Babies R Us. It's Babi Italia brand, made of rubberwood. We wanted a crib that could work for all of our babies, regardless of gender. We also wanted a crib that was timeless and didn't take up too much space. This fits the bill. 
  • The bedding was another bargain, found online. It's made by Royal Velvet. It's super soft and I love the colors and patterns. 
  • I have since added some beautiful wooden letters above the crib that spell our baby's name. You can find them here. It's not too much of a splurge if your kid doesn't have a long name. 

Our nursery doubles as a guest room...
  • This bedding may not be the most practical for later on when Baby Boy is mobile, but it works in this room for now. And it was a steal- found on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond at the end of summer sale. All of it was under $100. 
  • The airplane pillow and vintage vehicle signs were finds from Amazon.
  • The dresser was a bargain. It was my mom's dresser from childhood, and then it was my dresser. It got a fresh coat of paint and brand new pulls and knobs. 
  • The curtain matches the crib bedding. The curtain rod was from Lowes. 
  • The changing pad was a freebie from the boutique when I purchased my recliner and the blue cover was another Target find. 
  • The diaper genie, diaper caddy, and diaper cake were all baby shower gifts. So sweet! 
  • I bought those frames back in high school and it just so happened that the colors worked for this room! I printed the pictures off the internet, free of charge. 
So that's our little boy's nursery. It's changed some since he was born. For example, I didn't realize when planning how much I would need a hamper next to the diaper changing station. So now we have a hamper. And there are many more toys than I know what to do with, but that's OK because one day he will have so much fun exploring and playing in this room. I look forward to that!

Lessons learned while nursery planning: 
  • You can live without a lot of things, especially when you're on a budget. I don't need a wipe warmer or bottle warmer. So far, I've survived without a Bumbo seat. I didn't need a rocker with an ottoman (honestly, the ottoman would have taken up a lot of space). 
  • You can't live without some things: a good lamp, a place to rock the baby, soft and cozy bedding, a night light, and a clock. All of these things I use every single day and night. 

Best advice: 
When searching for a rocking chair make sure you sit in it first. Several rockers I tried had very low backs, not comfortable for my neck. Also, if you get to choose your fabrics, choose something that can handle lots of wear and tear and spills and mess. Spend the extra money on Scotchgard. You won't regret it.

Click here for tips on buying quality furniture.


  1. Beautiful! I love the simplicity of the design, the soft blue contrast with the all the details.

    I've always wanted to do a special nursery for my babies, but when they finally got here, it wasn't meant to be as I had envisioned it, since we had to match with existing color which was the color of masking tape. ha! But denim went well with that and we found a cute teddy bears and denim nursery set and then painted a mural of the night sky by his crib. When my daughter was born, she had to share the room with her brother, so she did not get her nursery, but now that we bought our house we are going to do something special for their rooms. Perhaps when they get a little older and they can tell us what they would like. We'll see. :-)

  2. That sounds lovely, Jennette! I love teddy bears. I went with vehicles for precisely the reason you mentioned; I don't want to decorate his room again until he is old enough to tell me what he likes (and I figured most little boys like cars, trucks, and trains).

    Have fun!


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