April 24, 2013

Another Project Preview!

I'm at it again...this time in my own house.

After doing my last bathroom makeover, I became inspired to finish off another bathroom in our house. Seems like all the projects I've been doing so far involve bathrooms. After this is done, I'll be moving to the kitchen, maybe. Stay tuned for that.

I'm hoping to be finished later this week, but here is the current state of the partially demolished "kid" bathroom in my house...

So far, I've moved the toilet paper holder to a more inconspicuous place, removed a towel bar, removed the builder grade mirror and light fixture, patched the holes and sanded. And I've done it all without my husband's help. See the pink tools? :) 

I'll give you a hint as to what it will look like when I'm finished: the blank white wall will no longer be white.  It'll be blue, just like the other wall you see there. I just love chrome, white and blue for a bathroom; it's so fresh and clean feeling! 

Check back next week for the finished product! 

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