February 22, 2013

Master Bath Update

When we first saw our house, I fell in love with the master bathroom. I could not believe that I could actually have one as beautiful as this! After we got all settled in, I started seeing things that I would like to change...someday. Whenever this happens, I start looking for bargains. I may look for bargains for months before actually making any purchases, but when I find the right thing for the right price, I go for it. We have made minor updates to our lovely master bathroom that I think make a big difference.

This vanity is already beautiful, but I always hated the faucets. They looked old and I could never get them to look clean. It wasn't long before I was ready to see them go.

 See what I mean? Yuck.

I love a garden tub and all that natural light! 
Lots of potential here...

I really wanted to get this room updated before our baby was born. You know what they say, everything is harder to do when you have kids...so we watched a few YouTube videos and taught ourselves how to do some minor electrical and plumbing work. Actually my husband did the dirty work; I was his assistant. 

It paid off.

 We added a beautiful new light fixture that I found on clearance and some new faucets that I fell in love with. I happen to love chrome and white for a bathroom. It's classic and beautiful.

Now, I know it's a trend to get rid of the huge builder mirrors. Honestly, I like having all that mirror space. I've thought about putting a frame around it, but for now it's just fine the way it is.
 This light has fewer bulbs than the old Hollywood lighting, but it's so much brighter. Who knew?

Isn't this faucet so much better? I love the shape.

In most cases when updating a bathroom you want to make sure that your metal fixtures match. If you change the faucets from chrome to brushed nickel, for example, make sure you change out all of the chrome. We saved a lot by sticking with the existing chrome, just updating with some newer fixtures.  

This is my decorated tub area. Oh, I love it. 
 I actually used several things from my old living room to decorate this space. The curtain, for example, hung above my couch in my apartment. It works beautifully here.

 I bought this hand painted mirror at my favorite store several years ago. 
You can always add light to a room by hanging a mirror near a window. 

 These candlesticks were a wedding gift. I love them in here!

This cabinet hangs above the toilet and is probably the greatest bargain that I found for our master bathroom. We happened to walk into a store one day and saw it sitting in the clearance section. It was originally priced at $80. Guess how much it was marked down to? 
Yep. So we bought it. And I love having the extra storage in our little toilet room.

If you want to fix up a bathroom and not spend a lot, look for simple decor that you have another room. I've heard this called "shopping the house" and it works! Also, if you have a bathroom with a lot of natural light, consider adding a potted tropical plant (like a parlor palm). They will flourish with all the light and humidity. 

Happy decorating!

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