June 7, 2013

Marriage: Weird Wife

Sometimes, when talking to my sweet husband, I just wish he could understand that I want him to listen. Not fix anything. Just listen to me complain while I figure it out for myself.

Perfectly normal, right?

Well, I watched this hilarious video. I get it now. Women are weird.

Ha! Maybe next time I'll take his advice...

Have a great day!

June 4, 2013


We have some sweet, new babies around our house!

Mama Finch makes her nest in our hanging baskets every year.  This year, there are three little ones!

It's hard to get a good picture. We are so careful not to disturb the nest... and Mama Finch tweets up quite a storm when we come to look. We make it quick! 

These are two hungry little guys. Maybe the third one is sleeping? 

I caught this little one sleeping the other day. So sweet!

I love "his" little Mohawk!  :-) 

So cute...in an ugly-duckling sort of way. Both parents take turns feeding these little guys. What a sweet daddy bird to give his lovely lady a break. It's really fascinating to watch them. It will be even more fun when my Baby Boy can understand and watch, too! 

I'll post more photos of "our" triplets soon...when they've filled out a little more. ;-) 
Have a great day!

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June 1, 2013

Kitchen Upgrade: Preview!

I mentioned earlier that we recently had granite counter-tops installed in our kitchen. This has been our latest and largest project so far (in our own home). In fact, we started the process more than a month ago and we are still several steps from completion.

But anyway, here's a preview of what's to come:

Our house is the perfect size for our family, but basically builder-grade, cookie-cutter, or whatever terminology you prefer to use. We've been working to change that over the past several years (since we got married). Here you see our old vinyl counter-tops and a sample of the granite to come. Honestly, I love my kitchen. The backsplash was there when we moved in. It's a nice natural stone tile and I hated the thought of tearing it out. The counters, however, are another story. Sure, they are a great neutral color. No major stains or imperfections, but they were starting to make the kitchen look out of date.

So we chose this granite, called Giallo Ornamental. It's 3 cm thick and matches the existing tile, which the granite guy told me would be totally feasible to keep (since you know, it's a classic).  But nothing is ever as easy as they say...

So there you have a preview. Someday (not sure when) we will finish this whole project and I'll post more detailed before and after photos. :)