July 16, 2013

Raising Rough and Tumble, Lovable Boys

My husband got me a fabulous book for Christmas last year. I've just now gotten around to reading it and I must say, it's been very helpful.

As a new mom, I was hoping that this book would help shed some light on how I can raise my son to be a God-fearing, family man. It does just that and more. I hardly think anyone could accuse Dr. Dobson of being a feminist sympathizer or politically correct (which is perfectly fine with me).  He shares hard truths, statistics, and sound, Bible-based common sense. This book had me laughing and crying at different moments. Above all, it has once again renewed my fervor in praying for my son's future and my beloved country.

Anyway, it's definitely worth the read if you are a girly-girl turned mommy to a rough-and-tumble boy.

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