February 11, 2013

Hostessing: Guests & Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a big deal.

Great design is not just pretty to look at, but functional at the same time. I like to keep a few extra toiletries on hand in case my overnight guests forget something: cotton balls, cotton swabs, a toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo. I put the freebie toothbrushes and toothpaste from the dentist into my guest stash. Hotel shampoo samples are also handy (as long as they smell good). 

Here's a pretty way to display supplies on a small bathroom counter.
Guests don't want to rummage through your cabinets to find what they need, 
so making supplies easily accessible will make them feel more comfortable.

I found those little canisters at Home Goods for just a few dollars.
The silk peony is simple and timeless. Who doesn't love a peony?
It rests in a not-so-elegant bud vase that does the job.

A list of things that should be in plain view for every bathroom that guests may use:

Plenty of hand soap
A clean hand towel
A trash can
A plunger
Extra toilet paper
Air freshener spray

That's all you need in the loo for comfortable and happy house guests...

My house guests have had to trip over rubber duckies and baby bath supplies lately, 
but at least the bathroom is clean! After all, isn't that what is most important? :-)

For thrifty bathroom design ideas, click here.


  1. I love the little jars with cotton balls & Q-tips. You are exactly right: it is always awkward if you have to search in someone else's bathroom drawers. I have company coming this week and I'm going to do a little set up like that. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. :) Thanks! Have fun with your company!


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