November 24, 2013


So many people are posting about all the things they are thankful for every day. I wish I could keep up with posting one every day, but it's just not possible in my current season of here's my little thankful post for the season:

I'm thankful for big things in my life, things I can't life without. My Savior. He restores my soul. He forgives me. He loves me. He molds me continuously. He died and rose again so that I may spend eternity in His presence. I am undeserving and blessed. My husband, my perfect match. The only man on this planet who loves me just the way that I need it most. He's a strong man of God, quick to apologize and forgive, and an excellent father. I really don't know what I'd do without him. My precious son. My joy. Who knew how much richer life could be with a child? I can't even comprehend how much I love him and how thankful I am for his life. My family. From the youngest to the oldest, I love them all!

I'm thankful for extra comforts and blessings. Our fluffy puppy. My living foot warmer, companion, and constant watchdog. Our house. A continuous project that feels more like home with each project we complete. Our church. So thankful for pastors who preach the truth and members who have hearts to serve the Lord. My job. Oh, I have the best job title in the world: Wife and Mommy. Granted, it's 24/7 on duty, but worth every moment. True friends. They are hard to come by, but I am thankful for the ones I have. Distance and time can't separate us. We pick up right where we left off, no matter how long it's been since we last met.  New friends. It's always fun getting to know new people and finding new friends who have the strangest things in common.

I'm thankful for things I take for granted too often. Food. Enough said. Convenience. Thankful for things like a washing machine, microwave, and air conditioning. Can you imagine life without all the conveniences we enjoy today?  Prayer. Thank you, God, for listening to me. Christian radio. Because I don't want my kid listening to Miley Cyrus. Veterans. Thankful for those who have served in the past and who are serving now. They protect my freedom. They are so important. Freedom. I wonder sometimes why God allowed me to live this my life in this wonderful free country. What a blessing! May I not let my freedom go to waste. Opportunities to serve. It's incredible how many opportunities there are to pour love into the lives of others. It's overwhelming at times, but I'm thankful to be able help others.

I'm thankful for the small (big) things. My fireplace. Warm socks. Hershey's Kisses. Camping. Nights with no TV. Roses. Sweet smelling lotion and candles. Sweatshirts. Kleenex and Advil. Wireless. Sparkly nail polish. Long walks in the woods, on the beach, in my neighborhood (anywhere, really). Coupons, clearance, and free shipping. Swimming pools. Fast food. Not-so-fast food. Down comforters. Power steering and heated seats. Good movies. Luxury hotels. And my Mom's home cooking (especially Christmas tree cookies and made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls).

I'm especially thankful for that first group of Pilgrims who dared to leave all they knew, sailed across rough seas, nearly froze and starved, and watched their friends and children die of sickness and infection all so they could be free to worship our God without oppression and persecution.

It's not just about the turkey and football. Let's not forget.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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