November 18, 2013

Fun Find: Plush Pile Kid's Rug

It's really challenging sometimes to have expensive taste and a slim decorating budget. Here's my strategy: I look for products that I love from my favorite designer stores, make a mental note of the prices, and then keep an eye out for similar products with a much lower price. Sometimes I have to wait for a long time to find the right price, but when I finally find what I'm looking for, it's totally worth the wait.

Recently, I found a rug for my son's room that I've been searching for for several months now. I mean, compared to this and this, I scored a great bargain at $79 from my local warehouse club. It was the only one left, so I had to bring it home. We love it!

To make it even better, we added a thick rug pad underneath that serves three functions: (1) it prevents the rug from slipping and moving, (2) prevents the bright colors from bleeding onto the carpet, and (3) adds an extra layer of cushion for my little baby boy.

You just never know when you'll stumble upon just the right thing! :-)

You can see more of our little man's nursery here.

Have a great day!

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