February 20, 2013

How A Dog Can Save Your Life

This is my sweet and absolutely spastic dog.
We love her dearly. 
And this week, she might have saved my life.

It was my husband's night to get up with Baby Boy. Unfortunately, our little man is teething and a bit more (ok, a lot more) fussy than usual. In the middle of the night, when my husband was doing everything he could to calm our boy down, I could not sleep. That baby needed something for teething and it was buried in the diaper bag downstairs. So I got out of bed, headed downstairs, and started rummaging through that bottomless pit of a bag to find the teething stuff. I didn't bother turning the lights on because, well, who wants to have blinding light in their eyes in the middle of the night? Not me.

And then our little dog heard me downstairs. I guess she didn't hear me get out of bed over the ear piercing baby screams. She let out some muffled barks (which I did not hear while rummaging through that blasted bag), and got the attention of my husband. He also happened to miss the fact that I had gotten out of bed. 

You see where this is going? 

So they both thought I was an intruder. My husband was holding Baby Boy and making plans for defending his family...and I'm pretty sure death of the intruder was at the top of the list. Thank goodness my dog is not completely cowardly. She crept down the stairs slowly, making her way to the intruder (me). She saw my feet, didn't recognize me right away, and gave the alert to my husband upstairs. At which point I said something along the lines of, "You stupid dog! It's me. Quit barking your head off!"
And my husband did not kill an intruder. 

That's how my dog saved my life. 

Have a great day!


  1. Just read this post . . . and it made me LAUGH! Great story.

    I hadn't been keeping up on all your great posts, so I'm enjoying myself reading your blog again today. :)

    1. :) Glad you are enjoying it! I'm having fun...


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