March 13, 2013

Spring Weather + New Baby = Fun!

The past few days have been glorious around here! Weather is just perfect for playing outside...and we have been taking advantage of it.

Our boy is fully mobile now and needs activities that burn off energy. Oh, he has so much energy! We have already started a little collection of fun outside toys, but with a very (and I mean verrrrrry) small amount of storage space for outside kid stuff, we are trying to make purchases that won't clutter up our property. You know what I mean. We all have them...the neighbors who have a million kid toys randomly strewn about their yard, with no proper place to be put away. I'm determined not to be that neighbor.

Thanks to Grandma, we have one of these amazing wagons. I love it because it folds up small enough to slide pretty much anywhere in the garage. The bottom is surprisingly sturdy and when it's set up, feels very secure. And it's BIG. It'll fit our boy plus a few more. So fun!

And bubbles! Our little one is giggles galore when I bring these out. You can't beat the price- under $1. It's almost too much fun to sit in the sunshine blowing bubbles for a happy baby (am I really an adult?). I love it!

And this hangs from a tree in our yard. It's also been a huge hit. It's super easy to install and costs around $25. For all the fun we are going to have in it, I thought it was well worth the cost. It holds up to 50 pounds of kid, too, so he won't outgrow it super fast. And it's easy to take down and put away. I like that feature (keeps it from getting dirty and moldy).

I'm sure there will be more toys added to this little collection over time. We're looking forward to practicing T-ball and basketball and football, riding trikes and bikes, running through sprinklers, and more that I can't even think of yet. One thing is sure- there is much fun in store for us!

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

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