April 30, 2013

Yet Another Bathroom...

It's finished! My last bathroom project is complete. I am taking a break from painting behind another toilet for at least a year. :-)

You may have seen the preview last week, my little bathroom a total mess.

I've been working on this room for a while now, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my little budget...and this little arrangement is a keeper, costing about $14.  You can see a better picture in another post, here.

So before I unveil the finished product, let me show you where I first began: 
This was the room when I first moved in to my husband's bachelor pad.
At least he took time to match the tissue box to the toilet seat cover, right? 
I didn't take pictures of the mirror and light and faucet that were in here before, but you can see what they looked like here (only difference is that this room had the same stuff on a smaller scale).
I knew I wanted to paint, but didn't know that to do with that wall behind the toilet and sink, until recently.
Remember the preview photo? 

And today, it's looking like this:

These updates are so simple. We added a new faucet and toilet seat about a year ago, then I found the mirror at HomeGoods for an unbelievable steal, & the light fixture and cabinet are from Lowes. 

I loved that the baskets came included. And the beveled mirrors match the mirror I found for the sink! 
Key words for me these days: more storage!

I love my little sparkly shower curtain.

Here you can see the dandelion decal that we added a while ago. It's supposed to look like the wind is blowing the little wispy thingies all around the room...

 And it wraps around into the shower, as you can see. 
We love it. It's a little bit of whimsy. :-) 

My next project is starting to take shape in the kitchen and I am SO excited for some changes there! 
Stay tuned...

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