October 4, 2013

Fall Decorating!

Well, I figured it must be time to break out the fall decorations when I went shopping and saw all of the Christmas displays in full glory. Thus, fall has arrived at our house. I've inadvertently started a little theme with pumpkins and sunflowers, and of course, berries!

I think it's more fun decorating for the seasons with a little one in the house. New colors and textures all around! He loves it.

Fall wreath on the front door
Tutorial here.

 Who says wreaths can't be inside, too?

 I love this centerpiece. It just doesn't get old.

This new pumpkin basket needs something more, 
but I haven't figured out exactly what to put in there...yet. 

 A little splash of color on the mantle. 

I love these new lamps! Decorating this table was more fun this year. 
Finally, it seems to make sense.

I found little, fall thingymabobs at Target in the dollar bins. Score!

It's easy to change the stems in this basket to fit the season.

And we're ready for Trick-or-Treaters! The candy will NOT be opened until the 31st!
At least that's the plan...but it wouldn't hurt to have just one little bite, right? ;-)

Happy Fall!

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