September 24, 2013

Peace in Suffering

I had an opportunity to hear a woman's story that touched my heart and put my own trials in perspective.

This woman suffered from disease as a child, living in hospitals for much of her childhood, endured three miscarriages, lost her precious two-month-old son, contracted a debilitating disease in adulthood, and recently lost her husband to another woman. Talk about suffering! Yet she still spoke with hope and love and peace. She knows that God is using her suffering for His glory. I was touched by her story, but even more touched by her love for our Savior and the obvious refuge that He offers her spirit.

She spoke about the son that she lost. He was born with a heart condition and had a successful surgery shortly after birth. He was recovering so well that is doctor mistakenly decided to take him off his medications. Tragically, he died shortly after. In the midst of her pain and suffering, her friend (a songwriter) wrote a song about her precious boy and the Living God who wrapped His arms around her soul. Take a moment to listen to it:

This song has been a blessing to so many people grieving over the years This mom thanks God for using her son's short life in such a meaningful way.  When you take comfort in the Lord because of this song, it's a blessing to the mommy who lost her sweet baby boy.

I can't begin to imagine the sadness that this woman has endured. Life has been unfair to her in so many ways. Her message was simple: God can use our suffering for good. He is doing it in her life, even as her story is still being written. .

In this life we will have trouble. We will suffer. It's not fair, but it's just the reality of living in a fallen world. I am so thankful that we have Jesus to cling to in times of such intense pain.

My prayer is that He uses whatever suffering I endure during my life for His glory, that His light will shine through me in a way that others cannot deny Him.

If you are suffering today, cling to Jesus. He will hold you.

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