March 23, 2013

Master Bath Makeover

You may have seen my last post for a sneak peek at my latest project...and I am so happy to share the finished product today!

This was such a fun project. I got to do the whole thing while the homeowner was out of town and had a "big reveal" moment when she got home. What a blast!

Here is one of my favorite "after" features of this room...
The paint color, the hint of sparkle and the seashells make this a room that I would love to have!

And now for the before and after shots:

 Here's what you would have seen when first walking in before. Not bad, but nothing memorable.

And here is what you see now.  I painted the walls a color called "Jules" by Valspar. It's so much brighter! 
We also added a cabinet for storage. 

This is the shower/tub area before. Again, it's basic. Notice how little of the bathroom you can see in this picture. That wall on the right is actually a cabinet that I loathed from the moment I first saw this room. It was making everything seem so much smaller. But did you also notice that awesome spa tub? 

We took out the "wall" cabinet. This is what it looks like now.
Notice that I took the photo from the exact same location. 
The room is opened up so much more now that the eyesore cabinet is gone.

Here's the before shot of the sink area. It needed some updates...
You get a much better view of the giant, ugly cabinet.

And here's what it looks like today.
I added a new light fixture with 6 lights that spans across the vanity, changed out the brass knobs for some beautiful glass knobs from anthropologie, and replaced the giant cabinet with this smaller one that does the job much more effectively (and looks much better). This smaller cabinet also adds counter space for some decorative touches..

As for the details: 
These canisters are so beautiful! They sparkle even more when set on the mirror tray.

And glass knobs are such a simple way to transform the drawers and cabinets.

This rug was an unexpected and great find from Target. It matches my color scheme perfectly!

This homeowner has a large collection of fragrance sprays that look beautiful on this mirrored tray. And she also has a gorgeous collection of large seashells that work perfectly in the glass jar. I also love how the cabinet has some space underneath for every woman's bathroom necessity- the scale. We have to have one, but who wants to look at it? 

 This new light fixture is chrome to match the other chrome fixtures in the bathroom. 
Always match your metals. 

 Remember that spa tub? It had so much untapped potential...

And now you can see that actually looks like a spa. It was tempting not to start a bubble bath for myself...

 I love how this turned out!
 Another project is complete...
What on earth will I do with myself now? 


  1. Absolutely lovely! I love the color and the details. :-) The whole room is so fresh and inviting now.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love what you do! :)

  3. I love this as well. :)


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