March 1, 2013

Sweet Baby Feet

Sometimes it's the small things in life that I find most lovely. 
You may wonder why there are so many references to my baby's feet on this blog...  
Well, I'll share about that. 

We are so blessed to live in a day and age where 3D ultrasounds are available and affordable. This is one of the first pictures that I saw clearly of my sweet baby boy. Oh, this picture made me realize how real this whole about-to-be-a-mom thing was. I loved those little feet instantly! I marveled at how perfectly God made him. I still do. So beautiful. 

After he was born, my sister got this sweet shot. What a dream come true. His perfect little wrinkly feet, right there for me to see and touch. Wait. He hated having his feet touched. Bummer. But still adorable! Just a few hours after this picture was taken, his little feet were pricked and bandaged again and again in the NICU, 
so I treasure this because it reminds me of the few hours of normality that I had with him 

Now this picture is special because it's taken just a few weeks after our baby came home. Healthy, happy and plump, his feet are precious. There are no scars from his hospital stay, thank goodness! He loves to squeal and giggle when I tickle them. He smiles when I give them kisses. And he thinks they are a snack, as he's figured out how to put them in his mouth. 

I love being this little boy's mommy. What a precious gift.

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