July 5, 2013

Kitchen Progress...

Remember this post?

Kitchen Upgrade: Preview!

Well, I'm just ONE short step away from finishing the kitchen updates that we started so long ago.

We have installed the granite.
We have had the plumbing redone under the NEW sink.
We have finished the tile back splash.
We have painted the kitchen/dining area.
We have hung the curtains a little higher (in the dining area).
We have painted the new woodwork and touched up the trim.

And once I finish adjusting the curtains (I need some pins before I sew)... I'll have "after" shots of this project to show you! Understand, the changes are subtle and we like it that way, but oh, it feels so much nicer now!

Here's what it looked like the night before the granite guys came...

Stay tuned for more! :-)

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