June 1, 2013

Kitchen Upgrade: Preview!

I mentioned earlier that we recently had granite counter-tops installed in our kitchen. This has been our latest and largest project so far (in our own home). In fact, we started the process more than a month ago and we are still several steps from completion.

But anyway, here's a preview of what's to come:

Our house is the perfect size for our family, but basically builder-grade, cookie-cutter, or whatever terminology you prefer to use. We've been working to change that over the past several years (since we got married). Here you see our old vinyl counter-tops and a sample of the granite to come. Honestly, I love my kitchen. The backsplash was there when we moved in. It's a nice natural stone tile and I hated the thought of tearing it out. The counters, however, are another story. Sure, they are a great neutral color. No major stains or imperfections, but they were starting to make the kitchen look out of date.

So we chose this granite, called Giallo Ornamental. It's 3 cm thick and matches the existing tile, which the granite guy told me would be totally feasible to keep (since you know, it's a classic).  But nothing is ever as easy as they say...

So there you have a preview. Someday (not sure when) we will finish this whole project and I'll post more detailed before and after photos. :) 

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