May 1, 2013

What's Wrong With Abortion?

In my first post about the tragedy of abortion, I shared the literal words of what happens in a D&E procedure. Today I saw this illustration. It's gruesome and difficult to look at, but necessary to share. You can read more about the source of the photo here.

This breaks my heart. When I was 23 weeks pregnant, I knew that I was going to have a son. We were picking out potential names for him. We were buying his crib and getting the nursery ready. I could feel him moving all around inside me, kicking, waking me up at night. I had my maternity photos taken. We were so excited about this little life growing inside of me.

What's the difference between my baby at 23 weeks and one such as the baby pictured above? Nothing other than the fact I chose to give my baby life and many mothers, for whatever reason, choose to have their precious babies dismembered and ripped from the warm and cozy womb where they once lived

I can't understand how any mother could knowingly and willingly pay someone to kill her baby in this manner. Maybe they just don't understand what abortion entails?

Please consider joining the National Right to Life. Please don't turn a blind eye to the horrors of abortion.

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