May 29, 2013

I Ruined My Granite!

We had granite counter tops installed in our kitchen recently. They are so pretty! Just exactly what I had imagined (pictures to come eventually). And wouldn't you know that I completely ruined the island slab within the first week?

It was not intentional. Really.

I simply took out my 2 sticks of butter from the fridge, allowing them to soften on the counter before baking cookies.
Then I got busy.
Forgot the butter.
For 2 days.
And when I moved the butter, there were 2 perfectly stick-butter shaped stains DEEP in my granite.

I panicked.
Then I read everything on the internet that I could find about removing set-in grease stains from granite. There is actually a lot of reading material on this, so I was comforted to know that I'm not alone.

We went to the hardware store to find acetone to make a poultice (one method found online), hoping that would remove grease stains.  We were advised against this method by the paint clerk.

We asked a granite salesman at the hardware store how to get rid of stains, to which he replied, "I've never heard of that happening before".  Bah. No help there, either.

I settled on a cheap and seemingly harmless method: cornstarch and water mixed together to make a paste, let sit overnight to dry on the stain, wipe off in the morning. This actually worked to lighten the stain, but after 3 days of doing this constantly, I was ready for something more powerful.

And that's when I found this gem:

It's a little pricey for the pint-sized can, but really insignificant in comparison to replacing the entire slab of granite on my island...

So I bought it, followed the instructions exactly, and it worked!  

If you have high-maintenance granite and make a mistake that results in a deep oil stain, get this stuff. It will stink up your house for a few days, but you will not have to replace your slab. :-) 

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