January 25, 2013

DIY: Winter Berry Wreath

I love red berries.
I have them all over my house during the winter season and I have always wanted a winter berry wreath, but haven't wanted to spend a lot for it.

After Christmas, I went to my local arts and crafts store and found some red berry garland 80% off. It looked pretty chincy, with cheap bits of holly and pine cones randomly stuck all over.  I could see why nobody had purchased it.


There were lots of those glorious red berries! I couldn't pass it up. And for about $6 for each 6-foot strand, it was pretty much a bargain.

I love making wreaths and thought that this homely little garland might be perfect, so I bought two strands. I cut out all of the cheap holly bits and pine cones, leaving only the berries behind. Then I wrapped both strands into a shape/size that fit my door and secured them together with some wire.

And...VoilĂ !

I love it! Not too shabby for $13 and 10 minutes of "work".  :)

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