April 18, 2013

Spring Flowers Part 2

I can't explain how wonderful it feels to bask in the sunshine and wear sandals. The weather just couldn't be nicer around here! And to top it off, the flowers that we planted a while back are starting fill out. I thought I'd share a little spring happiness today, from our house to yours.

You may remember the little planters from my last post about our new flowers...
Well, I found these great tall & skinny pots that fit perfectly on either side of my front door. I think it's quite a bit more welcoming now.

And these beauties add a beautiful pop of color in our planter. There are pansies and impatiens, purple, pink, red, white, and a little yellow. So pretty! They make me smile every time I look outside.

And the new hanging baskets. This is the most pretty verbena I've seen. The flowers have little white stripes on each petal.  

What patio would be complete without a centerpiece containing English ivy? :-)  Actually, I almost killed the ivy completely. Since I left it alone, it's flourished. Who knew? I love this spot.

My husband really is the green thumb in our family. I am much more likely to kill any plants in my path, but I've recently taken on the job of watering our pretty flowers (my husband is so busy) and so far, they are still alive! He told me to add a few drops of Miracle Grow plant food every time I water them...and I assure you, it works. 

Happy gardening!

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  1. Sigh . . . SO pretty! Thanks for the pictures. :)

    1. Thanks! :) There's nothing like fresh spring flowers.


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