September 5, 2013

Must See: The Roxbury

We went on vacation lately and found this place to stay. It's an experience, really. You've got to see it!

Nestled in the Catskills and the small town of Roxbury, NY, this crazy awesome place looks pretty quaint from the outside...but don't let it fool you. It's anything but ordinary.

You can see the official website here.

They do a great job with the grounds. Pretty plants and flowers are everywhere! There's even a fire pit and a beautiful garden path that leads to a gazebo. 

Not only are the grounds beautiful, they are also funky and awesome. Black, white and lime green. 

Seriously, I want this furniture.

There are spaces like these, where you can just relax and socialize, scattered all around the property.

And as you walk around, you will find more little interesting details. I thought the murals were lots of fun!
(Check out the light. Yes, the place glows green at night!)

You have to forgive the quality of the next picture. I don't have a clear one, but the room was too crazy fun to be left out. How did they find yellow crystals for the lights? I personally loved that there was gourmet hot chocolate and [really good] cookies set out for guests all day in this room. Yum.

And in here, too!

We found several of these large murals painted all around the place, all with a design theme. I loved it!

This chandelier was another funky and unexpected detail. Never mind that the stairwell is shockingly green! Seriously, this place was so exciting to explore.

Perhaps the best detail is that all the rooms are different. Yep. They are themed! You'll have to check out their website to see all of the rooms, but I want to share ours with you. 

My husband accused me of taking "man points" from him for having him stay in this room. What are "man points", anyway? Hey, there was a big TV mounted to the wall. That made up for the sparkles and pink. :-)

Hard to see here, but the chandelier actually had green crystals. Where did they find this stuff?!
There was a great kitchenette where Baby Boy had a blast hiding in the bottom cabinets.

Little details will make you happy at this place. They even provided some Godiva tasting squares upon our arrival. Yum.

Shimmer & sparkle overload! Fun!!

Even in the bathroom they didn't forget to leave a note framed in a fluffy, pink, bejeweled frame. Ha!
Now, the Roxbury had the most soft and fluffy towels of any hotel I've seen in a long time. Another great detail: they didn't cheap out on the TP. It's the small things, folks.

They had other great things, a massive movie collection and board games of all types free to checkout for guests. Snacks galore. The friendliest staff. Even the housekeeping services were above standard. I left some baby dishes in the sink, totally planning to wash them later, and when I got back to the room that evening, they had been washed and dried for me. Now that's great service.

So if you're looking for a fun place to stay in the Catskills, a quaint NY boutique hotel, affordable rooms, fun atmosphere, and excellent service, try the Roxbury. You won't be disappointed. 

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